The Poor Date Chronicles: Kindly Prevent Teasing Me

We think about myself a sarcastic person. I’m able to get a joke, and I really can dish it. Fast wit is one of the attributes I appreciate most in one, and I also think it is attractive when someone could well keep with my lame jokes and pop culture references.

My personal basic go out with Seth went completely. The guy picked outstanding location – a cafe or restaurant with a gorgeous roof bar and delicious margaritas. We came across up after finishing up work and all of our dialogue flowed effree chat rooms for lesbianstlessly. We’d currently emailed on as well as spoke from the phone, but we don’t run out of points to talk about. We talked about work and class and family members and even broached the taboo topic of faith and politics. (We disagreed just enough to incite a smart argument.)

We went residence that night excited about the next go out and wanting to know more about he.

Date number two was going to end up being a baseball game, through to the weather derailed the programs. Rather than using our possibilities with the rain, we headed to a sports club to look at it on television and drink less expensive alcohol. Things began to crash and burn off nearly instantly.

Since I had been the one which proposed preventing the water, Seth provided me with trouble regarding the water passing as well as the people having fun during the video game. Nothing also major, just joking around and claiming it absolutely was my fault we were missing every enjoyable. I am able to deal with only a little teasing, no issue!

Then he held heading. And going. And heading. He held opting for 4 hours, making small little jokes regarding how I was responsible for him lacking the online game, why wasn’t we consuming enough, etc. In his mind, I’m certain these people were designed in jest. I truly believe he thought he had been being funny, but an individual can merely endure that sort of torture for way too long, and four-hours was my restriction.

The guy believed the big date moved really, most likely because I was so good at smiling while enduring. Their follow up tries to arrange Date Number Three happened to be met with a rather loud, resounding NO MANY THANKS from me personally. While I do love a person with a sense of laughter, there is a distinction between playfully teasing some body and flat-out producing fun ones.

Thus men (and women): in case you are deciding on “playfully teasing” some body for four hours straight, I highly advise rethinking that.


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