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A distribution can bundle server software, system management tools, documentation and many desktop applications in a central secure software repository. A senior developer has responsibility for support and guiding the rest of the team through all kinds of projects, difficult or otherwise.

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Consistently ensure the on-time delivery and quality (first-time-right) of the projects. If appropriate, touch on a time when you used VCS in order to achieve your teams’ goals. Similar to the above, you might have your preference as to which use case to draw upon, after all there are numerous examples across a wide range of industries. Some good examples include Etsy, who transitioned how to become a devops engineer from a waterfall model, producing four-hour full-site deployments twice weekly, to a more agile approach. In doing so, it has a fully automated deployment pipeline, and its continuous delivery practices have reportedly resulted in more than 50 deployments a day with fewer disruptions. After all, getting a potential employer to notice your CV is half of the battle.

Why Are DevOps Jobs In-Demand?

The key to this is articulating both your general understanding of switching between the two, as well as sharing specific examples of where you have achieved results by doing so. Other positive effects you can site include clearer communication, and better working relationships between teams. Instead, comment on which tools you have specialisation in, what their abilities are and why you prefer using them. Then, show your willingness to expand your knowledge and skillsetby noting that you are keen to work with alternate tools in the future. This question is designed to gauge whether a DevOps candidate has an awareness of the place of DevOps within the industry. Discuss its growing popularity in light of the success it has brought to high-profile businesses. Your answer to this should be simple and straightforward.

7 top Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) job interview questions – The Enterprisers Project

7 top Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) job interview questions.

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Taken together, CI/CD is an automated process that closes the gaps between the development and the operations teams in a bid to scale up production. Modern DevOps projects are built on this idea and it is important for a developer to be familiar with it. That is, what’s left of a program when it is stripped down; its ‘skeleton’. Software design, on the other hand, is the actual code-level implementation of the software requirements. If software architecture is the blueprint of a program, software design would be the ‘building’ of the program.

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Shailendra has over 15 years of analytics and data science experience across banking, telecom and retail industries. He has proven commercially applied data science based product development expertise. His key skills are AI and ML algortithms development on Spark, python, R and SAS platforms. It has to be said that these are unprecedented times but even if the job market is lower during Covid, graduates will have everything they need to standout in the job market when things return to normal. Mentoring and placement support continue until students are placed. This includes mock-interviews, resume prep and job selection given a student’s previous experience. A Linux distribution is a collection of software on top of a Linux kernel.

  • So many developers further embrace configuration management, which is almost always automated.
  • Then, show your willingness to expand your knowledge and skillsetby noting that you are keen to work with alternate tools in the future.
  • We process applications on a rolling basis and encourage everyone to apply as soon as they can.
  • Yes, in this book each question is followed by an answer.

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